Ego Peels

Ego Peels are peels of EGO 01.
Ego Peels are section of 100 cm long / 30 cm wide knitted yearn.
Ego Peels can be hung on your living room’s wall.
They can be worn as scarfs.
They also can be used as mummification material.
It depends on the number of peel’s used and how strong you want to connect to E G O. 

3D rendering © David Depriester / EPn°1 image © Backy3723 / EPn°2 image © Robert Owen-Wahl / EPn°3 image © Ronbd / EPn°4 image © Emma Perez Romera / EPn°5 image © Mrefraim1 / EPn°6 image © Monigocan / EPn°7 image © Alexandra / EPn°8 image © Skeeze